REVIEW: Hi Mark, your app addresses a le…

REVIEW: Hi Mark, your app addresses a legitimate pain point, one you justified quite convincingly. As a next step in your pitch, it would be really interesting to have a short video demo of a student photographing an item, the translation to code, the print of the item, and the utilization in an educational setting. As a teacher, your reasons for using this app in the classroom are compelling. I had a hard time hearing your voice in your elevator pitch but perhaps that’s my computer? One thing I was not completely clear on are your pricing options so as an EVA I would want more clarification on those. Are there any competitors? Also, you are the founder of the venture but the rest of the team isn’t really introduced (20 years of experience but who are they and what do they bring in terms of expertise and experience?). This is a really applicable idea overall but I wouldn’t invest until I had more information on those elements.

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