REVIEW Hi Ryan, I know it’s been said b…

Hi Ryan,
I know it’s been said before, but that was an awesome elevator pitch. I think you really worked hard to streamlined your message to increase the impact. Also how you focussed on teachers in describing the problem -growing up in a non-maker era, not having the skills, and not having the time. I also really appreciated your choices with the background music; not just that it was energetic and happy, but by having the problem stated without the ‘mood’ music and then having the music start when the solution was presented. It was really effective in setting the mood and making me want to know more. Plus your tone and voice really set a good tone also.
The Piktochart was also a great choice for your presentation. It presents as quick, to the point, with all the information I would want as an EVA.
Your pain point and solution are really clear and well presented, I clearly understood what the product was. As an EVA what I would have liked to know more about the market share/size and trends are in relation to your venture. I know from the OER how great the market is but your EVAs may not. The other question I had as an EVA was what my return on my investment would be.
You’ve done a good job in differentiating yourself from other maker kit ventures on the market; in fact, I would really stress the training, professional development, and support as it relates back to your pain point so well. Linking The Learning Box to passion projects about global issues and then creating a community with a yearly issue challenge is also such a great way to differentiate yourself in the market. So I would really stress that point about your venture. I think that’s your hook.
I thought your about me section was fun and so in tune with the rest of your presentation especially the part about taking apart your parent’s toaster. A great sense of humour always works well in presentations. An EVA may want to know more about your credentials; your so accomplished with those degrees that a few lines with each may add to your presentation. Plus I want to hear about the 30 robots you’ve built, now that’s a qualification 🙂
Overall great elevator pitch and venture pitch, as an EVA I would definitely invest in your venture. Eva

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