REVIEW: I am absolutely willing to inves…

REVIEW: I am absolutely willing to invest in your venture. You did a really good job of creating an engaging elevator pitch with minimal use of graphics and visuals, other than the text. I found myself really focusing on the words and the message you were trying to get across. It is great that you emphasize how valuable your app will be to teachers right out of the gate, on the home page of your venture pitch. Educators are having more demands placed on them then ever, and more and more students are in need of extra assistance. The salience of this trend and promise of your product to address it has me instantly captivated. The simple and easy-to-follow design of your pitch is great. While reading through, any questions the arose for me were addressed on subsequent pages. The assumption I have gathered from your pitch is that you are opening the floor to any investors that are passionate about inclusive learning and potentially willing to play an active role, which is a selling point for me. Your financials are presented in a manner that is clear and concise, and I especially liked that you provided a breakdown of where the money will be spent. Lastly, the current status update gave me that final push toward wanting to invest in your venture! It is clear that you and your team have already immersed yourself in this project, have garnered attention and endorsement at the provincial level, and will be extending beyond that through your upcoming presentation at the Exhibition of Educational and Learning Products Expo!

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