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I am going to go ahead and recommend that my investment team proceed with key2key. The word processor market is crowded and competitive. Microsoft Office has long been the staple for Office software pushing out Lotus123 and Word Perfect years ago. As an IT administrator, one thing I noticed with Microsoft Office is that with each new version of Microsoft Office I install on teacher computers, teachers are mostly accessing the same documents, presentations and spreadsheets they have been using for 20 years. Enter Zoho Office, Google Docs and Microsoft Office 365. We now have a revolution in the office software offering fully cloud capabilities WITH the ability to publish documents to the web for public viewing. However, what I believe Michael is proposing is a word processor with the built-in tools to write drafts AND publish the documents. I believe the “third dimension” that Michael is speaking of not only publishing documents to be viewable to a specific person or in public, but publishing it in a way that is similar to perhaps uploading a video to youtube. As michael mentioned in the “second dimension”, it can be applied to corporate clients as well as education and a freelance writer. I am particularly interested in the idea that one could publish a document like uploading a Youtube video. Why? because Google Docs, Office 365 can handle collaboration with the publisher’s instructors / teachers. The thought of being able to publish a document like a video on Youtube and have people read it, comment on it, rate it, give me feedback is certainly very intriguing. If I can comment outside the confines of this A3 assigmnent … Michael, this is a very neat idea. Its hard to believe that something like this doesn’t exist for written text. I think you stumbled on something that is very viable.

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