Review: I applaud your creative and ambi…

Review: I applaud your creative and ambitious approach in your elevator pitch – it isn’t easy to use conversation to generate interest. However, from the pitch alone, I learned very little about the venture. You have recognized some pain points but I don’t know how you are addressing them. Your full venture pitch is packed with valuable information and well-researched links and helpful visuals and videos. I especially love the Jimmy Kimmel video as that hooked me quickly. However, as I explored further, I found myself left with many questions: who exactly is the target audience? What is the ROI? What is the original value of the app itself? It seems like you have adapted EdTech ideas like MOOCs and personalized learning but I’m not sure that you have considerable staying power in the EdTech market. You’ve identified many serious competitors who have already been established in the field for years but, as an EVA, I just don’t feel fully convinced that Biz School can compete. Discussing what your venture brings beyond what your competitors do is a vital aspect of your pitch that I feel you may have missed. Despite that, your original content, business plan and pitch are intriguing and credible.

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