Review: I enjoyed watching and reading a…

Review: I enjoyed watching and reading about your venture and I commend you for pursuing the development of a service as opposed to an actual product. It is clear that you understand the pain points of start up companies and your venture is designed well to deal with their difficulties. As an EVA with experience working in a start up, I find it difficult to invest in an LMS consulting for start ups. As an employee of a start up company, it is expected that employees are self-motivated and independent, and have the ability to problem solve and to learn concepts individually. Many workers who join start ups are looking for such a challenge, and as a leader of a start up, they should be looking for employees who are independent learners to join their ranks in the beginning, why it is hard to implement an LMS for these start ups is because in a lot of situations, employees at a start up get very little time to “learn stuff on the side”. Many of them are tossed into the fire, and rightfully so, because investment in too much employee training in the beginning stages of a start up is thought of by many as not a good use of resources. However, I do believe there is room to offer consulting services to companies looking for an LMS to train its employees.

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