Review: I enjoyed your elevator pitch im…

Review: I enjoyed your elevator pitch immensely as you’ve demonstrated great confidence and professionalism. Throughout this experience, I’ve learned that It isn’t easy to speak directly at the camera for even a minute but you kept your cool and delivered what you had to say. Your venture concept is strong and I have experienced exactly the pain points you bring up as a classroom teacher. Assessment is a massive headache and your solutions have come at an apt time in education. I find your use of technology – especially the BYOD-centric and deep learning components, to be strong and would certainly be needed in the OER world. Your website is again professional and clean and your research is convincing. I especially enjoyed the venture info page as you’ve broken down the numbers in an easy-to-understand way and, as an EVA, I would be interested in investing. Fantastic work, overall. Bonus points for sweet music in the elevator pitch!

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