REVIEW: I find myself highly motivated t…

REVIEW: I find myself highly motivated to invest in your venture, ReciPROcity, for a number of reasons. Beginning with your elevator pitch, it presented a lot of information in a short period of time. Although the words did seem to move pretty quickly, it encouraged me to give my full attention to the presentation, which was a positive in my case. In your venture pitch, you made great use of the Haiku Deck tool to ask the questions that post-secondary institutions would relate to. The “News and Publications” section brought to my attention just how prevalent the issue of faculty development in online learning is at the post-secondary level today. It is one thing to throw some of the statics out there yourself, but to include a handful of supporting publications from trusted sources, certainly adds an element of legitimacy and credibility to your pitch. Above all, the “For Investors” section provided an in-depth overview of what you expect out of investors at each stage in the game, and what they should expect to see in return for their money. You even went as far as to include separate timelines for each investment phase, which left me feeling more secure in my decision to invest.

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