Review: I found the conversational piece…

Review: I found the conversational piece in the elevator pitch the be unique and I don’t think many people did something that similar. The conversation relayed the pain points well but I thought that it was difficult to get a good sense of what BizSchool is, what it can do for the entrepreneur, and how exactly it was going to do it. As an EVA reading into the venture pitch, I thought the pitch lacked specifics on how Biz Venture manages to personalize learning for the entrepreneur, and how it differentiates itself from the competitor. For example, using the premise brought up in your elevator pitch as an example. If the entrepreneur wanted to start a restaurant and was unsure of how to proceed, how would Biz Venture teach accounting, marketing, strategy, business intelligence, operation management, international trade, real estate, economics, and finance specifically to help him start a restaurant? Is Biz Venture suppose to do that or am I missing something here? Perhaps Biz Venture could be augmented so that it provides this sort of information as opposed to general business knowledge in order to differentiate itself from the competition, which you have listed. I believe that in order to more strongly differentiate your system with your competitors, you needed to discuss how your system personalizes learning path for the learner, and seeing how it offers something competitors do not have, it is difficult to determine whether or not Biz Venture is a good business to invest in.

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