Review: I found the use of live footage…

Review: I found the use of live footage in your elevator trip gives your audience a good idea of what outdoor education is. Like some of the other replies below, many people were unaware of such programs and the use of the videos makes your pitch more accessible to the audience. One of my suggestions for your elevator pitch would be to make a stronger emphasis on the pain points that you mentioned: administrative tasks or other activities that detract teachers from planning lessons. How do teachers carry out their administrative tasks before using Redwood? How exactly will your application help them? As for your product and the venture pitch, I commend you for your research into outdoor education and it is clear that your product is aimed to address difficulties. None of the features seem excessive. Some of the features in your product would also help teachers in regular classrooms as well. One point that I have to make about your app as a startup is that it is very difficult to develop, and maintain that many features initially, it may be a good idea to limit the functionalities you have in the beginning, and aim to develop more of them as you receive more investments. As an EVA with stakes in outdoor education, I would invest in Redwood Technologies.

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