REVIEW: I like that you have chosen your…

I like that you have chosen your venture pitch as an improvement on an existing product (I assume: ). You identified the emerging market of personalized learning nicely and applied it to the reformatting of Babbel’s existing product to make it appealing to an educational audience. As teacher who works in EFL contexts, having a tool like this at my disposal is extremely appealing, and with the established team of software engineers and several languages to choose from, I think this venture has a great chance of success in the education sector. Your pitch is firmly grounded in educational theory (like situated learning) that apply to school contexts rather than typical EFL scenarios (like ordering in a restaurant), making it perfect for academic rather than personal contexts.
Before investing fully, I would love to see more ideas on how your product could be marketed in the education sector; as school budgets are tight, and educational tools are heavily marketed and competitive, I’d love to see some fleshed out strategy on how your new product could be successful. With this small reservation in mind, as an EVA I would recommend investing in your Babbel 2.0 venture. As this company already has a substantial market share, and is extremely well established, I feel comfortable recommending an investment, and seeing the app’s success in 1.0, I think that the 2.0 version has a very large growth potential if marketed in the K-12 market.

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