Review: I like your idea for your ventur…

Review: I like your idea for your venture. I have experienced this lack of disconnect between the “intentions and learning” of a field trip that you explain. You highlight a valuable piece of information that most museums and attractions have less than 5% of their revenue coming from student visits. A definite area that can be targeted, especially when so many schools exist in urban areas that offer different venues, museums, and attractions that teachers can take advantage of and cater to their needs. I do agree that teachers are the ones best suited to create meaningful resources for students that reflect the parts of the curriculum teachers are aiming to address. I am not sold on the part in which teachers have to create challenges themselves to generate funds for the field trip to take place. If the project falls through, what is the teacher left with? I don’t think most teachers would support this model, as the work they put in is not a guaranteed outcome. I know our school provides $10 per student for field trips for the current year and if this money could be put towards the challenge, proving it successful I would be more inclined to support it. Perhaps after some generated challenges occur from some of the organizations, teachers would have more confidence in the idea and be able to put in place ones for their own uses that would have the go ahead. The option where a cultural organization creates a challenge and sets the parameters of the project to stimulate pledges is better. Within the challenges you have included reviews and ratings completed by other teachers, and I definitely like the curated aspect for the future venture that so that allows each resource to get better or change as the attraction becomes updated or includes new exhibits. I think your venture has a lot of value and if tailored with the challenges to the latter option I would invest.

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