REVIEW: I like your videos! My students…

REVIEW: I like your videos! My students have used PowToon before (we have an education subscription) but I have not seen it used as effectively as you have here. Well done! As for your Netflix Education venture: In my school, we have AppleTVs connected to our digital projectors, and one ‘app’ that pops up, that students always ask me to open, is Netflix. While I sometimes indulge (such as during advisory periods, or lunch) and put on something that they’re interested in watching (within reason!), I think the ability to load up educational content only, would be excellent. I really like the idea that the content will be curated as well (and subdivided into categories). The fact that ratings will come from only other educators as well will help curate the content globally. I have been saying for some time that movies, TV, and music will be increasingly subscription-based (like Spotify and Netflix), and it’s about time that educational content goes the same direction. The market is huge! I do wonder about the teacher-based payment system though: did I read this right? Schools pay based on the number of teachers? This could mean larger schools are shut out due to prohibitive costs…Wouldn’t a per-school account make more sense? I would also like to see the addition of student interactivity – one of my recent MET courses (ETEC 533) incorporated a commenting system into a video (a timeline appeared below the video, with little hashmarks showing where the instructor, in one colour, and students, in another colour, commented and asked questions. For student-created videos there was also a third section, so that the creators could respond). Perhaps Netflix Ed videos could be embedded into course websites (like an LMS) with the added ability for students to add comments or questions (at specific time-stamps in the video) in a separate section below/beside the video. This would add an element of interactivity and engagement and perhaps make lessons using these videos more student-centred.

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