Review: I love your product as well as y…

Review: I love your product as well as your pitch, and I think that e-portfolios have the potential to initiate a much-needed change in the realm of student assessment. Your pitch was well laid-out and incredibly easy to navigate. I think that providing an in-depth overview of market competitors provided a great tool for comparison and succeeded in increasing my confidence in Y2Y. You were sure to mention that the Y2Y platform is secure, which is a concern that often arises when dealing with the digitization of student work. I was hoping to see a mention of this, so I was happy to see that you included the subject of security a few times throughout.
The only real hesitation I have stems from the fact that ePortfolios are not yet recognized at the provincial level. I also see the potential for unequal access between districts, due to variation in resources to subscribe to this product, particularly when dealing with larger schools. With that said, I would be willing to take the risk with this venture, because it seems very promising!

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