Review: I loved your elevator pitch as i…

Review: I loved your elevator pitch as it addressed some serious pain points while generating interest for me as a tech teacher. The possibility of travelling and teaching everywhere is the dream of any classroom teacher and your confidence and credibility carries that dream into reality. Your concept is very attractive from a pedagogical point of view and I can see why, as a teacher, this woud succeed. You’ve achieved a strong story-telling narrative in both your pitches through your pacing, green-screen and video editing skills. That narrative led you from pain point to concept to business venture and all the way back again in a seamless way that felt fluid and confident. I know it isn’t easy to stare at a camera for long periods of time and I can impressed by how well you maintained a persuasive and knowledgable tone. I get a sense that you know exactly what you’re talking about and as an EVA, I would be interested in investing in you. I wonder to what extent competitors like Google’s Expeditions and other VR travel-based ideas would affect your venture. Would that be something worth capitalizing on or would it be a competitor? Overall, thanks for the a strong pitch that demonstrates your originality, confidence and knowledge. Also, bonus points for a definitively awesome name.

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