REVIEW: I really like the idea around RE…

REVIEW: I really like the idea around READGauge. As an EVA and educator, I was immediately interested in your product after viewing the elevator pitch. The medium you chose to present (VideoScribe) was very visual and professional. Your voice was clear and you spoke at a really good pace.

In your Venture Pitch you did a good job of describing the Pain Point. The demands, expectations, diverse learning needs and class sizes have increased over the years. Teachers would benefit from a product that maximize their time in the classroom.. You have also done a good job of acknowledging the competitors and describing how READGauge differs from applications such as Kahoot and Socrative.

The weakness I see in your pitch is the inability to assess deeper understanding as the questions are only multiple choice. However, this may be due to technological constraints and not necessarily the design of your app. It also would have been beneficial to include the projected market and future projections for profitability.

However, I do like the idea of the app as I see a need for efficient methods of assessing reading comprehension and would invest in this opportunity.

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