Review: I really like your idea for your…

Review: I really like your idea for your venture. I have experienced times where I am looking to teach a certain subject and need to look up an idea of how to present the information. Having an organizational framework that has all the lesson ideas in one place with curated ratings for each interactive lesson plan from other educators seems like a great option for me and would love to use. Using a collaborative effort is one way to improve on an idea and you take advantage of this thinking in your product. You clearly identified a product for a teacher market. You did included some competition however like others mentioned Teachers Pay Teachers should be included as it offers many of the same features Expressions would have as well. You include the who, what, and why for investment so I am clear what the investment in your company is for and what the plan of action is. I would appreciate a more articulated schedule of events to help in preparation for the marketing efforts. I think a 50% in ownership of the company is generous so I will take it and fund you.

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