Review: I really like your Venture Pitch…

Review: I really like your Venture Pitch. I think you are able to identify a problem and an AR solution that will work both in the classroom and for other environments. It would be perfect to help students learn a second language, and those students who struggle with language acquisition have instant access to the answers they need whereas students who already know the vocabulary aren’t having their brain overstimulated with words all around them. I think it could also be used at in home environments with young children learning English. You were very thorough in your research which gives me confidence in your company. I do have some concerns as others have addressed as in the development of your app and if you have the current resources to put your idea into fruition as it seems likes a gigantic task to start up the initial task of the working AR “dictionary” itself. With a further conversation into what lays ahead in the project timeline of your venture I will be more likely to invest.

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