REVIEW: I think that a multi dimensional…

REVIEW: I think that a multi dimensional processor that takes you through all three stages of the writing process is a great idea however I have soem concerns. In your elevator pitch I felt like you were not speaking clearly and your eyes were shifting because you were reading your pitch off of something. The lighting was also very dim. When trying to attract an investor it is crucial to appear confident by making eye contact with the camera and speaking clearly. An investor will not invest in your company if you come across as not being enthusiastic or not believing in your product/service in your elevator pitch. I think a better option for the elevator pitch would have been to use animation like powtoon or Visme. Another recommendation I would make is to include an “ask” in both your elevator and venture pitch. You did a great job in talking about pain point, Key2Key solution, and features but did not include how much you wanted from an investor and why. The idea is great but without a more confident pitch and telling me what it is you want from me I would have to say I would be hesitant to invest.

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