Review I totally understand technical is…

I totally understand technical issues with computers. It makes it difficult to produce what you want to make the presentation more interesting and lively. However, in terms of your project, it reflected that you would be the CEO and that you have experience in human resources. Creating an app would mean you would need a programmer unless you know the process of creating an app or a team of programmers. One of the most difficult things to do for any app is marketing. There is such a proliferation of apps in the marketplace already and so many websites that offer job placement. The world is also in an economic upheaval which makes it even more difficult to find a job. You would need a team and many resources to make connections with would be employers looking for workers. Even though you discussed a competitor, you needed to look at a broader picture which would include marketing and a social media presence. I think you under-estimated the financial requirement for this venture. I think you need to re-think the monies and round out your team prior to submitting a pitch. I would redo the pitch after you see all the recommendations. I think you also underestimated your competition. To only include college students you would be narrowing your apps potential revenue. An investor wants to make lots of monies and when he sees you are only capturing a portion of the marketplace, he might run away. You want to make it compelling, and worthwhile. You also need to show the potential revenue in segmented markets on this app. This means the potential jobs in areas such as theater, retails etc. So you have some more number crunching to do. A lot more number crunching to do.

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