Review – I was intrigued by the TALO ven…

Review – I was intrigued by the TALO venture pitch. I think it is definitely a product that is needed in the future of online education. Your background information was excellent and well presented. I would have like to have seen more demographic information on how many and who are these teachers that need professional development in this area. It is a safe assumption that there are a lot but some numbers would have been great. I wonder if this is a good starting point to a larger suite of professional development topics or if there are better ones to focus on first? The biggest issue I had with the pitch was the fact that you wanted venture capitalists to hand over money for a product that is going to be free. Now, that isn’t the first nor the last venture that goes that route but it makes me wonder what business models need to be in place in order to cater these financial bakers? What will they be getting out of this besides knowing that education is going to get better? I honestly have no idea.

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