REVIEW: I wish I had watched your ventur…

REVIEW: I wish I had watched your venture pitch before I started working on mine, Cassy. I am not a numbers person, but your numbers, facts, and research in your venture pitch were beautiful. You have clearly defined revenue goals, and the fact that those goals are diversified into three different streams makes the pitch more appealing. There are clearly established needs and description of how Wonderville meets those needs, and the market adoption strategy is specific and well-designed. Your Competitive Differentiation slide is impressive, in that it summarizes quickly and effectively a good deal of critical information on competitors. Similarly, the Competitive Advantage slide offers excellent insight on how Wonderville is above the competition. Finally the breakdown of cash flow and funding intentions is specific and reasonable. Based on this data rich venture deck, I could be convinced to invest.
A wish throughout the overall presentation would be an inclusion of testimonial endorsements. Part of your pitch relies on highlighting seemingly intangible commodities like ah-ha moments, student engagement, and teaching efficiency and optimization. Some potential investors might look for more than just the numbers when considering the product. This is not to say you should flood your pitch with glowing quotable recommendations, but offering a link to those resources would help. Lastly, the elevator pitch was certainly creative, but for me it felt a little like a bait and switch. Instead of the big inspirational build-up that took half the pitch, you could have easily incorporated more data (clearly the strength to the pitches) in making your case.
– Scott

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