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I would not invest in the product at this time, however I do think your product has a lot of merit and is something that could have a significant impact on families, and maybe even the nation. The recent passing of legendary Canadian singer Leonard Cohen from a fall in his home highlights how serious this problem really is. I have a few suggestions, and they mirror many of the comments made here by the other EVAs.

First, I don’t think you ever gave us a specific “Ask.” I was unsure how much financing you were looking for, or how exactly it might be spent. Some numbers here would be good. Even a rough overview of what you think might be needed would help to give investors an idea of your break-even point and how you might get there. It also gives us an idea of the size of the market, and how portable it might be to other markets (other countries = additional revenue).

This brings us to the revenue stream. Your freemium model includes a 72-hour written feedback assessment. This is great if you want your product to affect as many people as possible, but it really might make a profit stream difficult to achieve. I am unsure how much time would be required for each written assessment, but it might overwhelm your ability to provide feedback and assessments for your paid customers if you have many 72-hour deadlines for your unpaid customers. I also wonder, as the other EVAs did, at how you might achieve profitability with such a low fee for your service.

How much work is involved in a written assessment? That is something that would be critical for any investor to understand. Consultation can have hidden time-traps that suck up a non-renewable commodity (your time) and get in the way of achieving your other goals. Do you have plans to hire other consultants? You might want to map out your new hires to line up with your expected workload, which will follow your growth.

Finally, how do you plan to retain customers? With such a low service fee, you will need to retain customers to be able to build up your monthly revenues. However, I am unclear how they will need your service once they have taken your advice and made the changes you recommend to them in their homes.

I do want to tell you that your venture is very compelling, and I hope that you find the investment you need to make it happen. I believe there is a real need for your service, and you seem to have the vision and experience to make a difference for a lot of people. I wish you the best in the future!

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