REVIEW: If I understand correctly. what…

REVIEW: If I understand correctly. what Randy is proposing is a a nation-wide student information system (SIS) and content management system (CMS). This is beyond Blackboard, beyond Moodle, and beyond Google Classroom. On one hand, this is a risky move. There are so many questions and so many ways this can fail. Questions such as, how do you meet the needs of a first nations school in Nunavut and in the lower mainland Vancouver? How would you make Escipi equitable to low income families or remote community schools who may not have affordable access to technology? Despite these concerns, risks must be taken to move forward in technology. You can expand that to consider that without failure, we wouldn’t have success. That is, playing is safe doesn’t get us anywhere. Randy’s connection to Piaget and especially Vygotsky’s social theory is well explained in his pitch paper. He continues to explain the affordances that Escipi see through social interaction in all subject areas across the country. What caught my attention the most that the first 20 seconds of his pitch that shows the similarities of a modern classroom to one that existed 80+ years ago. That was quite a shocking image and a great way to gain investor interest. My only suggestion for Randy is to solicit support from various levels of government rather than to focus solely on locating a private “champion” (as Randy describes it). I feel that at least the provincial government has expressed interest in consolidating SIS and CMS systems in their efforts to bring us BCeSIS and MyEdBC here in British Columbia. After reviewing the pitch and the documentation, I’m going to recommend that my investment team proceed with Escipi. [284 words]

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