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I’m going to go ahead and recommend proceeding with edsecute. If I can start with the superficial observations … the name is catchy. The name itself makes me curious to find out more. On a slighly deeper level, the videos are very consistent in quality and content. They add to the professional appear of edsecute. From what I can understand, eduscute is a IT consultation company. As explained in the video “who we are” their focus is schools and they are not only technology experts, but they are also educators. That is a unique angle for an IT consultation company. Most of It consultants have a wide array of clients that may include business such as a lawyer’s office, a real estate office, perhaps a head office and in that mix there may be one school. Such consultants will have the expertise to fix problems but may not have the expertise to advise on a 3-5 year long term growth within an educational landscape. I recommend proceeding with edscute.

My only suggestion for this venture pitch is there needs to be a bit more clarity as to what services they plan to offer. Perhaps a concrete example or a scenario would help the investor to understand the scope of their professional services. In a future iteration, I suggest reduce the three videos in the “Learn More About Us” tab by 18-20 seconds each and made a fourth video about 60 seconds long explaining a situated example of your services in action.

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