REVIEW: In my role as an EVA, I would mo…

REVIEW: In my role as an EVA, I would most definitely go ahead and back EmoTech. The presentation was comprehensive and compelling. While the general concept it isn’t entirely unique, the pitch appropriately mentions competitors and distinguishes EmoTech. As an investor, the part that leapt out at me was how the app “connects physiological indicators to emotions.” As an EVA with classroom experience, this personally appeals to me because I have helped countless students navigate the maze of confusing physical indicators and emotions. This demonstrates that EmoTech is not simply a helpful wearable, but is also capable of teaching life skills and helping students independently cope with unique struggles.

A question I have revolves around the device it syncs with. With younger students in mind, is a 10 year old expected to carry this device with them everywhere? Is it possible for younger children to successfully utilize the wearable even though it might not be specifically designed for them? I can’t help but think that when schools start seeing the success of EmoTech, they will want to see it utilized by increasingly younger students.

I appreciated the transparency of the presentation by highlighting some challenges. As a potential investor this is helpful, because I may already be in a position to provide some solutions. Thinking specifically of a manufacturer for the wearable. If I have $1 million to invest, there is a chance that I may have some existing relationships with tech manufacturers.

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