REVIEW: James, I really enjoyed your ven…

REVIEW: James, I really enjoyed your venture pitch! Both you elevator pitch and your venture pitch addressed the PAIN POINT, the SOLUTION, and DIFFERENTIATION aspects of a strong proposal. You app demo with mockups was effective and reflects hard work with attention to pertinent detail. I feel your overall pitch would benefit from detailing more MARKETING elements. You state that you’ll depend on “widespread promotion to middle school math teachers”, but you don’t say HOW the promoting will happen. Including strategy details like having a booth at specific edtech conventions, or partnering with the sales teams of established educational publishers like Pearson or McGraw Hill wold help. The CHAMPIONSHIP aspect could be improved as well, by adding some team members (even fictitious) that can contribute app development and marketing expertise and experience.
I recommend you look at a company like Sight Reading Factory ( as a model with assets you can emulate.
Overall, a compelling concept and a strong presentation; well done!