REVIEW: Jason, I’m going to invest, I li…

REVIEW: Jason, I’m going to invest, I like the ideas, but I need more clarification. (I’m not 100% sure I understand where you are going, which is part of the problem, so forgive me if I am off base here.)
Let me start with the strengths I see. As a B2B, you are already in a strong position. And the pain point is there. And the target on small and medium-sized businesses. And your idea of a cost-saving, tech-smart solution. So I’m in.
As an investor, who is now in this with you, let me also give you the tough love. The elevator pitch is confusing – both the moving text and the very-low audio. I like the magazine format, but the idea has to be pitched on the first page. And you need to better describe what you are doing. Use a narrative, maybe. But definitely, you need to get the idea across more succinctly.
Are you offering an out-of-the-box solution and going for providing the tools but minimal support and therefore a wider client-base? Or are you helping to develop materials, consulting, and offering tailored solutions, which implies more hands on support and therefore fewer clients? My hunch is to push towards the first option.
There is a huge gulf between the massive automated online job search engines and the boutique headhunting operations. But I feel like there are maybe 3 different, potential mid-levels and we need to focus on one.
Your idea of getting applicants to do trainings before interviews reminds me of the MOOC model that accepts everyone, but only the disciplined stay till the end. There is potential in lots of this. (I want 35%.)

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