Review – Key2Key sounds like a novel app…

Review – Key2Key sounds like a novel approach to word processing. I never thought about the natural stages of developing written material and how a word processor could help ease the process. Good unique idea. I really appreciate your clearly defined problem. It seems like you have a real grasp on the situation. While I am not entirely sure that people would want to use your product to help solve that issue, I think it could definitely find a niche market for writers. I feel as if the pitch is lacking in some information that is necessary for a VC funding round. In particular, I felt like your market is way too large. It would most likely be better to focus on a smaller market segment to begin with and really knock it out of the park. Being spread too thin could be a disastrous beginning. I did not see a formal money amount being asked for which leads me to believe that the development costs and timelines haven’t been fully fleshed out. Lastly, I would really have like to have seen some demographic information on how people use your competitors’ products and where you fit into that picture.

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