REVIEW: Matt, i think your pitch was ver…

REVIEW: Matt, i think your pitch was very professional and well done. I appreciated the organization of the clear, concise and informative video. In just over 6 minutes, you were able to pitch a very interesting idea. A service like MeLearn is something that I’ve never thought of in education. As your pitch explains, the education system has not really changed since the industrial revolution. However, I think there is a good reason why it hasn’t ever changed over the years. There is a certain sense of belonging and community when you attend a traditional school. Students wake up everyday, to go to school. There are support systems in schools to help students that are struggling. How will MeLearn hold students accountable? What if students simply choose not to use this service. Just like, some people still choose to stay at a hotel over an air bnb? Although I think you delivered a very good presentation, I think it would serve as a great tutoring service rather than replacing the format of our education systems all together. I completely understand the great costs that are involved and there is definitely bureaucracy and MeLearn cuts down on those costs at a substantial level. However, parents currently send their kids to public school for free. As a consumer, I would want to continue this trend. Yes, we pay out of our tax dollars, however the general public will not be getting taxed less due to this service. Unfortunately, the current system is the only way to ensure consistency of learning amongst students.
Again, I thought you delivered one of the best presentations however, I would not invest in a replacement for the current system just yet, however would consider if there were less unknowns.

Thanks Matt!