Review – Nice venture pitch and elevator…

Review – Nice venture pitch and elevator pitch focused on a growing market for a cutting edge technology. While I do like it, my first thoughts were ankle bracelet and institutionalization, but the video, audio mapping location tasks make it so much more than that. It seems to offer all of the benefits of classroom polling system, but provided in a wearable format with functionality outside the classroom all with added security to protect student data. It offers students and teachers the convenience of the apple watch. The venture pitch was well structured and thought out. When I first saw the price point I was a skeptical at $150, thinking in a slow growth paradigm where budgets are tight it is difficult to see where a school board will come up with the money, but the forecast is modest at 1% and achievable with a compelling projected profit margin of 35%. The market strategy seems comprehensive – the only piece I would add would be pilot strategy and the development of a user community/faculty advocates that would be willing to speak about your product to other potential users and at conferences. The team outlined seem to have the capability to execute based on their past experience, although they could use a sales component and some project management expertise. While the ask is steep, the 50% return on investment is a good one and as an EVA I would be willing to invest. Great job!

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