Review: Nice work with the video and sit…

Nice work with the video and site. Very professional looking.
If the product is only for businesses, to provide updates about the company to employees, it seems like the businesses would have other methods already that are more secure. If this venture is to provide updates about the companies to the general public, it seems like it would be similar to a press release or a business news channel that covers all types of businesses not just for that one company as specific updates about the status of a company’s operations wouldn’t be available to the general public for obvious reasons. If the venture is to provide news for specific businesses to the public, it doesn’t seem like it would be used often either. The concept is interesting but not new as I do like to listen to Business news once in awhile. Maybe instead of using Spotify Business to introduce the business updates, use it to hold tutorials on how to use specific products that businesses carries would be better. Because in our current day, businesses usually have their own website to introduce and notify the public already so having it available on Spotify Business to listen to doesn’t seem practical. Just my opinion. But great job.

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