Review of CareerPave The pain point is c…

Review of CareerPave
The pain point is clearly identified and the product is well described. Yet I am not too sure how the suggested product will answer to the issues and solve the pain point; there is no mention on whether the lack of marketability of students is responsible for the current low employment rate. The target market is clearly identified and a growth strategy is provided. The presentation clearly mentions the minimum amount required to start the app, yet as an investor I do not know if that is the asking investment or not. I can clearly see how the CEO’s past experience can help in advancing the company yet I do not know any other members of the team. As a investor I was hoping for a stronger rationale of the markets viability supported by numbers, facts and trends. How many students are currently enrolled in post-secondary education, how many people currently use career services? Also there seems to be a slight discrepancy between marketing the product as a B2B and also having it available to the individual for 0,99$. It is also unclear if it is to be used in association with the free career counsellors offered in post-secondary institutions or if it was to be used alone as an alternative to this service. How often will be the app be updated? As an investor, how can CareerPave guarantee a return on my investment in 2-4 months? As an investor there are unfortunately too many questions left unanswered.

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