Review of EsCiPi Innovative way of relat…

Review of EsCiPi
Innovative way of relating the name of your product to S.C.P. however, as a side note, phonetic spellings can have a downside, people might not be able to remember the correct spelling when googling (EsCiPi, EssSeaPi,EssCeePee). Now for the review. Although this product seems very interesting, I would have liked to see more numbers supporting why this product is worthwhile investing in or even taking the idea under wing, even seeing numbers stating that a similar system increases student retention by x% would have added extra support to your pitch. The pain point is clearly identified and although I can see the interest as an educator, yet the pitches have not convinced me that the market needs such a service. The idea is clearly outlined and as an idea pitch there is no team mentioned, revenue model, marketing strategy or growth strategy. The idea is interesting and is very well backed by articles, yet to fully sell it I believe that numbers, potential market needs to be presented. The presenter is definitely very passionate about his idea and I wish him all the best.

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