Review of GroupWork 2.0 The pain point i…

Review of GroupWork 2.0
The pain point is clearly identified and the target market of grade 8 and up is clearly identified. Although many numbers are presented for the e-learning market, I am not sure how the specific market of out-of-class learning community is doing and how GroupWork 2.0 is answering to that particular market. The product is well described and the model of the product gave extra clarity. The asking investment of 500 000 was very clear; it could also have been helpful to know if that amount is going directly into production, marketing or salaries. I am still unclear in regards to the cost of the product for the user; the revenue model could have helped to support the claim of 10% leads to 15 million dollars in revenue. As an investor I also would like to know how GroupWork 2.0 hopes to gain 10% of the e-learning market. I am still unsure of the value of the product over the currently free educational suite offered by Google. Although the team is not introduced, the presenter comes across as professional and knowledgeable. As an investor, I would be very leery in a product that hopes to make money off of Google, as Google could come up with its own version quite easily.

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