Review of SociABILITY First I would just…

Review of SociABILITY
First I would just like to say that you have created a very catchy name for your business venture. I simply cannot get enough of it. So now back to the review of SociABILITY. Great Idea. The pain point and target market is clearly identified and I can see that universities and post-secondary institutions would want to purchase the product and ensure an inclusive environment. You describe the product very well and support its merits with many articles. However, there is no mention of how much the app will cost; there is no revenue model. I can make out that this market will be growing with the increase in applicants, yet the pitch does not clearly make the link. Unfortunately, as an investor, I do not know what is being asked of me. These pitches were excellent sales pitches in convincing post-secondary institutions to purchase the app, yet where do investors fit in? There is a clear description on how the users will access the app yet I do not know how they or the institutions will purchase the app. The idea of the SWOT Analysis was well intended, yet I personally feel that the weaknesses are a little too strong to convince me to invest. Although the team was not introduced, I fully believe in the creator of the app, they come across as knowledgeable, passionate and personable. It was a very professional looking presentation, however as I did not feel these pitches were geared towards me, as an investor,

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