Review of STEMverse I thoroughly enjoyed…

Review of STEMverse
I thoroughly enjoyed the mission statement “We can start building a better future”, especially when placed with virtual reality. The product is clearly presented, yet the pain point of increasing success rates of students come much later in the presentation. These pitches have left me, as an investor, with many unanswered questions; Would the target market of this product be only high school level students or elementary level students as well? What is the cost of using such a product? Furthermore, as an investor, I do not know what is being asked of me. These pitches were great sales pitches convincing me to keep an eye out for this potential product, yet I do not know where investors would fit in at this moment. The two main competitors were identified and the strengths of STEMverse were discussed. Although the team was not introduced, I fully believe in the creator of STEMverse, he come across as confident, passionate and personable. It was a very professional looking presentation; however as the market for this product is entirely dependent on schools purchasing VR technology, as an investor, I find it too risky at this moment.

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