Review of TALO TALO seems like a very in…

Review of TALO
TALO seems like a very interesting product. Although the venture pitch clearly does indicate the pain point that lead to the creation of TALO I do not see the pain point that would lead to a revamping asides simple expansion. By the sounds of the comments TALO is doing just fine. As such the market seems relatively confined (to Ryerson) and no evidence of expanding this to other post-secondary institutions is offered. The product is very well detailed and the team definitely can see the expansion through. The presenter comes across as very knowledgeable and professional. As I unfamiliar with TALO it was very difficult to identify the modifications proposed (until the Plan section) from the already in place venture. It is wonderful to know where the other funds are coming from, yet as an independent investor I do not see a place for me to fit in. As there are no monetary returns, I can see this as a potential investment for tax purposes. This venture is already well started and well-funded, asides from increasing their own features I have not been convinced of any foreseeable growth in this venture.

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