REVIEW – Osayma, I am not sure how I can…

REVIEW – Osayma, I am not sure how I can add value through my review comments because I think you have picked such an important venture that the two recommendations I have seem very trivial. I will provide you the two comments anyway in the spirit of helping you make improvements in your proposal: (1) Powtoon might not be the most suitable platform for presenting your elevator pitch. I found that it was sluggish and quite staccato in its movement. You might be better off using prezi or video. (2) I would like to see greater elaboration on the development and distribution model. I know that your proposal is still developing and it is too early to ask for a well thought out and completed model, but I think this is one of the areas you could make some improvements.
Having said that, I don’t know what else to add… The problem is immediately identifiable and I don’t think you need to convince anybody that NGOs should be making this a priority. You have a nascent solution that requires some elaboration, but otherwise your presentation was great. I would highly endorse investment in this venture.

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