Review— Overall, I like the concept. I t…

Review— Overall, I like the concept. I think this type of things would have been really for me when I was in university. That being said, I’m not 100% sure there is enough in the business model to make this viable. You’ve pretty much focused on just Ontario, how many students are there entering post-secondary each year? That would be your market for new users each year, and of that how many would download the app? I see this as a nice cottage extra money type venture, but I’m not sure the numbers would justify. The other issue is updating, especially if you were to include private colleges and training schools. I’ve had some experience with cataloging programs. It takes some time from year to year. It would be a huge effort to verify and update programs each year. I’m not sure expanding your venture to other jurisdictions would work either as I think that would just complicate things. However, if you were to change to a sponsorship model and there was a suite of apps at this market there could be more potential. I understand you’re at a bit of a handicap due to the technical issues with you elevator pitch, maybe it would have outlined this a bit more for me. If I’m investing, I’d be looking for more of a return. That being said, you’re really not looking for much so I’m on the fence. If a friend of mine approached me as one of 10 or so people to buy in for $500 I might think about it. The risk is small, but if I think of it as an investment— I’m not there. Like I said I think your concept is sound, there is just a little bit to be worked out in the details.

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