REVIEW: Print Pass Hi Victoria, You are…

REVIEW: Print Pass
Hi Victoria, You are an extremely passionate CEO and articulated very well in your pitch and your presentation the problem many of us face as educators of students using shared, and mostly apple devices! The market pain point was well explained and the subscription model is a viable action plan. There is an absolute need for the product and Apple should have come up with it long ago as there is now multi user sharing and no security on these devices. The security issue is a big one and I am not sure of the viability of the fingerprint itself as a login, however the idea is so strong and the presentation so complete that I back it as one of my reviews. If it could be developed to be really user friendly, not fraught with “can’t read the fingerprint” prompts, you have a powerful venture idea which may solve a HUGE problem in the shared device dept. Great job, I will invest!

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