REVIEW: ReciPROcity is definitely a vent…

REVIEW: ReciPROcity is definitely a venture that I would confidently invest in. The elevator pitch does an excellent job of identifying several pain points about the lack of expertise in pedagogy and online teaching among faculty as well as the inefficiency and high cost of online course development. You backed up your pain points sing various sources and went on to explain how ReciPROcity is a solution. This is definitely got my attention and motivated me to click on the link and read more. The wix page for the venture has an excellent layout and easy to navigate. You provided thorough detail into what the venture does and how it goes about doing it, as well as developed a strong team. I really liked your blurb on the team page where you listed not only your profession and years of experience but the various stakeholders you have worked with in the past. Good call on teaming up with a tech officer and project manager as programming and project management are skills that are needed for this venture in addition to your educational consulting. All 3 of you look great in the photos, dressed sharply and appearing confident. The price and cost break down was very straightforward which is important for an investor. The only recommendations I would make is to slow down the pace of your elevator pitch, it was difficult for me to follow along because the slide would change while I am in the middle of reading a sentence. On your wix page the orange font on the mountain under News and Publications was also difficult for me to read. Another thing I would have liked to see was identifying your competition and how the venture measures up against it. Other than that, I think overall the pitch was excellent and something I would be confident in investing in ! well done !

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