REVIEW: Rodney, as a language teacher wi…

REVIEW: Rodney, as a language teacher with a linguistics and second language teaching background, this was a very exciting venture. Your elevator pitch was extremely professional and engaging. By the end, I was compelled to read the longer venture pitch. The idea is futuristic and merges 3 huge emerging markets, which is very ambitious. As an EVA with a language background, however, one area that I’m concerned about is that you don’t address different ages of learners. There are important disparities between how adults, young children, children over 8, adolescents, etc. learn language. While I agree that one’s native language is “absorbed” (as the brain makes sense of language rules and codes these, creating a base for other languages to be acquired), and immersion is a critical feature of learning, the virtual reality environment removes elements of “risk” which is certainly an obstacle for older language learners something younger children who learn languages with ease really don’t contend with. That being said, this wouldn’t necessarily stop me from investing, but I would want to see some discussion of the pedagogical benefits re: different aged learners. I was really impressed by the thoroughness of your venture pitch. I think your timeline is helpful but the growth from 500 to half a million users isn’t really explained. That’s a huge growth so I would be keen to know more about specifically how you plan to achieve that growth. (I can infer based on your team, etc. but I’d want to be “convinced”). Great work!

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