Review – SociABILITY sounds like a great…

Review – SociABILITY sounds like a great tool. I really enjoyed your pitch. It was well done and presented a good amount of information and ideas. You broke down the problem very well and touched upon the market demographics. I think it is a good use of modern communication technology. My only real concerns with the venture would be about privacy for people on the service. I think any time you have a social app, making sure that only an appropriate amount of information about individuals is shared can be tricky. While the app seems like it does a lot of awesome stuff, I wonder if it might be too large in its scope for an initial roll-out. There appears to be a lot of intricate pieces to the app that would be hard to execute perfectly if that was the only feature. No harm in shooting for the stars but introducing more features later is probably a good idea. Excellent job with the pitch.

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