Review: Starting from the strategic name…

Review: Starting from the strategic name, your pitch was well planned and executed from beginning to end. Your venture pitch addressed the pain point, provided rationale for the product and emphasized its link to curriculum. Your research was presented in an engaging manner and the graphs were especially effective in displaying projections and research. Showing the growing market and the sharp rise above predictions was motivating as an investor. Your example of the avitar and student page made clear your design. The research of numbers of students potentially included and the potential investments at each participation level was easy to follow and thought provoking. Emphasizing the minimal fee as an educational or individual fee gave more flexibility to your target audience. Providing a clear growth and revenue model increased my confidence in the venture. Your team of experts is highly varied and distinguished. Explaining how you would market, ie. Teachers’ Conventions, was an unexpected but valuable addition to your pitch. A student testimonial would be the only element I feel could be added to your pitch, in particular the elevator pitch. Great job.

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