Review – Susan, you have found a solutio…

Review – Susan, you have found a solution to a real problem that many face in terms of tracking, documenting and reminding to update competencies in one’s field. This is true for employees in many sectors of employment. This type of tool would also work really well for employees in the trades sector who develop competencies through post-secondary training and apprenticeship hours. Safety training certification is also required so having an online tool to help record competencies is very useful. I felt your venture was strong in terms of outlining a competent team to support the venture, addressing a gap in the current market of such tools, and selling the product as something that could generate income. Your product name cleverly links to health care and an essential life support, as this tool is targeting nurses, however it does imply that your tool is related to the heart/breathing. Maybe you could mix up the letters and create a word that relates to developing competencies such as PRaCtice (just an idea…) Well done!

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