Review: The gamification concept is very…

Review: The gamification concept is very intriguing since many of us grew up with a Nintendo or Sega (depending on what your parents decided for the pivotal Christmas gift selection). Creating the framework of which feedback of lessons can be channelled through quests and experience points is a huge shift of philosophy in an educational system. What I suggest is that ClassMaster would have to gear itself in terms of marketing towards administrators or heads of schools. Since the implementation of such a system requires that the whole schools buys into the program. This would represent a very novel way of thinking and the challenge is to find a school willing to go way out in left field. Some things to think about to get the school over the hump or jump into ClassMaster (or Gamification) is more than just the engagement of students but how does it make things easier for teachers to do their job? How do you account for those who are not into gaming? Other than engagement of students, what else would be a pain point for an administrator?

Also to be considered since ClassMaster will be used by Junior High School and High Schools:
How do these gamification status translate to marks that will allow a student to compare herself to other students in other schools not using ClassMaster?
How does parents know how students are doing if this is a totally new way of providing feedback?
How do students under ClassMaster apply to University or any post secondary education?
How does students get weaned from such a high rate of reinforcement which does not match real world situations?

I can see you are not trying to see a Educational Game, but the framework to provide feedback for work students are already doing. Its interesting but with these questions unanswered, I would invest.

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