Review – The Nano Interactive Paper was…

Review – The Nano Interactive Paper was a very cool venture pitch. I love the sci-fi aspect of the technology. While I think your timeline for the technology is way too soon, I’m sure you were just playing around with it for the project. Very neat idea none the less. I really like the way you laid out the problem in which you are trying to solve. Although, I think that for a cutting-edge product that this, releasing only one model to begin with is probably better than going all-in with four variations. I don’t recall seeing much information on your user demographic. While I can see kids of all ages using it, narrowing down your market would have been helpful. Your breakdown of the manufacturing costs and msrp is welcomed but I think you are not including a huge amount of overhead that should be associated with your product. Marketing, development, support, etc, are all things that need to be accounted for.

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