Review – The READgauge app looks really…

Review – The READgauge app looks really great. I like that you have a very clearly defined problem you are trying to solve which has not been addressed by your competitors. Good job highlighting that information. I would have like to have seen more details on demographics for your user base and what your preferred revenue stream would be. I’m assuming it is a subscription based model but since it is an app, would it be a one-time purchase? Neither are negatives, just some clarity could be applied. I worry that your asking amount is far too low for the development of the app and its subsequent licensing needed for the literature. Since you want to use the cloud for accessibility, servers and developers are going to take up quite a bit of money. I can only image what book publishers will charge you to use their content as well. Good idea though and I really think we will be using stuff like this in the future very regularly.

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