Review – There are several things that I…

Review – There are several things that I like about this concept. You’ll have to excuse my ignorance of some of the comments below. Not knowing the reporting structure there may be irrelevancies. The Strengths: Your problem is clearly identified and I think that there are many that could use this type of system to track requirements for credentialing. It seems like you have the right team to pull this off, although Dame Edna may get sidetracked. The concept has the potential to reach beyond nursing though. There are a lot of organizations that offer credentialing that require continuing professional development. This type of mobile app could be definitely useful. The Weaknesses: I’m not sure what the revenue model is here. Are they individual subscriptions or are you working with the organizations the nurses report to? I was a little disappointed that is not your website. I thought there might be something else there. Although, I think the solution is interesting I don’t know how many individual users you will attract. Is this really easier than just making a file? Will organizations accept records submitted through the app? I see the potential, but I’m not sure about investing. We’ll have to chat over an imaginary coffee about my imaginary dollars.

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